Sustainability Education Curriculum

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Sustainability Curriculum intersects and serves as a platform for teaching all subjects and grade levels.  While teaching sustainability may sometimes seem daunting, we know that 80% of parents want their students to learn about climate change and other environmental topics. *

We are here to support you and your students in learning more about sustainability, the climate crisis, environmental and social justice and other topics in sustainability.  

See the grade specific resources identified to support the Amplify Science curriculum with the context of both science and literacy for 4th, 5th and 6th grades.

* NPR 2019 Climate Education Survey

Kids Garden Parade
Kids Garden Parade
Earth Force Logo

Earth Force

Earth Force provides free project based curriculum challenging students to create a response to a hazard or natural disaster in their community.

There is little doubt that we face environmental challenges on a scale we have not seen before. Solving these challenges will require a deep understanding of STEM concepts and the ability to apply those concepts to impact community choices. Earth Force and our partners are committed to ensuring that young people have the knowledge, skills, and motivation to be effective civic participants who bring their environmental values to public decision-making.

Learning Lab Resources and Education for Greening K-12 Schools

The U.S. Green Building Council’s “Learning Pathway” for primary- and secondary-level schools. Read case studies of green schools, find in-person learning opportunities, and explore online courses about strategies to make learning environments more sustainable and connect with sustainable schools advocates around the globe.

Our simple-to-use platform for professional sustainability and green building education, with courses designed by the world’s leading educators. With more than 600 hours of content available, the platform has green building education for every industry sector.

Green Education Foundation 

Green Education Foundation (GEF) is a non-profit organization committed to creating a sustainable future through education. Sustainability education provides educators with the real-world applied learning models that connect science, technology, and math education with the broader human concerns of environmental, economic, and social systems. GEF provides curriculum and resources to K-12 students and teachers worldwide with the goal of challenging them to think holistically and critically about global environmental concerns and solutions.

National Wildlife Foundation

The National Wildlife Federation, America’s largest and most trusted conservation organization, works across the country to unite Americans from all walks of life in giving wildlife a voice. They’ve been on the front lines for wildlife since 1936, fighting for the conservation values that are woven into the fabric of our nation’s collective heritage. They host several educational resources on their website to help teachers bring wildlife education into the classroom. The NWF also hosts the Eco-Schools USA program. Eco-Schools USA combines environment-based learning with hands-on experiences, the Eco-Schools program sparks action in the classroom that ripples out into the greater community. Utilizing a Seven Step Framework, students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade are engaged in making their community and the world a more sustainable place to live.

Green Up Our Schools

Cultivating environmental leaders – A Healthy Planet. A Sustainable Community. An Empowered Generation of Students.

Green Up Our Schools is dedicated to reducing the amount of material sent to landfill through early student engagement.


Biomimicry Institute Youth Design Challenge

Biomimicry is a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges in a sustainable, regenerative way.  The Biomimicry Institute empowers people to create nature-inspired solutions for a healthy planet.  Our goal today is for biomimicry to become a natural part of the design process, to create a new generation of innovators who support all life on this planet. 

Cornell Climate Smart Solutions Program

The Cornell Climate Smart Solutions Program builds stakeholder capacity and works toward a future where agricultural, environmental, and social systems are resilient in the face of a rapidly changing climate and have reduced their impacts on the climate system.

Alliance for Climate Emergency

We educate young people on the science of climate change and empower them to take action.

Climate Curriculum

Young people deserve to live in a healthy and compassionate world. The only way to create that reality with any real sustainability is by providing young people the tools central to leadership and change making: access to information and a quality education.

The Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. We amplify the power of our 3.8 million members and supporters to defend everyone’s right to a healthy world.

Global GreenSTEM Projects

Global GreenSTEM elevates STEM education to a new level of purpose and impact that sparks curiosity and empathy in participants while reinforcing teamwork and communication skills. We work with educators to transform materials-based STEM activities and programs into real-world projects with personal connections to the learner. Learners, community, and the natural environment all benefit when academic learning merges with real world understanding and impact.

NOAA provides science and information for a climate-smart nation. Americans’ health, security, and economic well-being are closely linked to climate and weather. People want and need information to help them make decisions on how to manage climate-related risks and opportunities they face.

Our Climate Our Future

Our Climate Our Future is an interactive video series for young people about climate change. Our mission is to help provide all the resources YOU need in order to take action on climate change in your community. Now that you are a member of our Supporter Network, you can access project plans and content to help make your community more sustainable.

ASES logo

American Solar Energy Society Solar Workbook

The Solar Energy Workbook has been written for you to learn the basics of solar energy and to be aware of its benefits to save our earth from pollution. A free copy of the workbook can be downloaded to enjoy coloring and learning.  The Solar Energy Workbook has been written for you to learn the basics of solar energy and to be aware of its benefits to save our earth from pollution. A free copy of the workbook can be downloaded to enjoy coloring and learning. 

Biodiversity Heritage Library logo

The Biodiversity Heritage Research Library Database

The Biodiversity Heritage Library improves research methodology by collaboratively making biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community.

Yale Program on Climate Communication logo

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

We conduct scientific research on public climate change knowledge, attitudes, policy preferences, and behavior, and the underlying psychological, cultural, and political factors that influence them. We also engage the public in climate change science and solutions, in partnership with governments, media organizations, companies, and civil society, and with a daily, national radio program, Yale Climate Connections.

Yale Climate Opinion Maps 2020 show how Americans’ climate change beliefs, risk perceptions, and policy support vary at the state, congressional district, metro area, and county levels.


E-Smart Kids

Xcel Energy’s E-Smart Kids invites you to become an e-SMARTkid. Becoming e-SMART means learning about electricity safety and energy science. Check out our games, videos, and activities, and you’ll be on your way to being e-SMART safe!

Teachers can also request Xcel’s Take Action Kits for their students to investigate energy and water efficiency in their own homes and connect that to learning in the classroom.

Purple Plow Challenge Logo

Purple Plow Agriculture Challenge

The Purple Plow engages students in creating solutions for real-world, complex issues related to agriculture.


The purpose of 2811 is to support and equip youth, teachers and institutions within the education system with new capacities to address today’s climate challenges in Europe, Latin America, the USA and Africa. Their Collaborative Guide to Teaching Climate Action is available for free download.