Dwarf Goats Arrive in DPS

by Matt Suprunowicz, SustainEd Farms

Vega enjoys her new home at Denver Green School Northfield.

SustainEd Farms, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, brings the first goats to Denver Public Schools. As of May, Denver Green School Northfield and Inspire Elementary are home to two Nigerian dwarf goats, Vega and Marshmallow, and eight chickens. The DPS Office of Sustainability worked with the schools, SustainEd Farms, and other stakeholders to create the new goat protocol, which allows DPS schools to apply and build out an agricultural program that includes goats. Currently, DGSN’s gardening elective supports the care of the goats and chickens during the school week and SustainEd Farms supports their care over weekends and breaks. Every Inspire student also gets hands-on programming with the animals through SustainEd Farms.  Once the goats are full grown, students will make cheese and soap with the goats’ milk.

Fresh eggs from the hens at DGSN

Chicken eggs are being distributed at the Huerta Urbana Farmers’ Market on Fridays, which is a novel pay-what-you-can market that also accepts SNAP and WIC. Eventually, the goats’ milk will be used to make cheese and soap with students. For more information visit SustainEd Farms website.

Aug 20, 2022 | Gardens, Wellness