All Careers Watch Party: Making a Living and a Life

The “ALL Careers” approach to education makes explicit connections between environmental knowledge/concern and ALL careers–not just the small segment of the economy made up of “environmental careers” as presently understood. Let’s empower young people to be a part of creating a green economy through connecting an understanding of how living systems work with whatever career direction they pursue!


Let’s empower young people to be part of creating a sustainable, green economy no matter what career direction they choose and their aptitude!

Colorado high school (now college) student, Ethan McAleavy, has produced a video to bring this ALL Careers approach to young people in Colorado and beyond. It explores how we connect environmental knowledge and concern with any and every career and job of the future. Whether you want to be a restauranteur, city planner, plumber, manufacturer, doctor or anything else, “environmental literacy” helps enable you to be part of creating a green economy!

At 6:30 – 8:00 pm on September 30, citizens across Colorado are invited to watch and discuss Ethan’s video with other Coloradans. For information and registration, visit A link to an Eventbrite site for more info and registration is available there. Registrants will receive a link to a zoom session and additional information about the event.

Congressman Joe Neguse (CO-2) will provide recorded opening remarks about the importance of the ALL Careers approach. He believes that young people must be a part of envisioning and creating a green economy and is “excited about a statewide, virtual, watch party for a video produced by a high school student in my district.” See his invitation video here.

Participants in this watch party will receive free resources including case studies of how environmental principles and concern are already being applied to a wide range of businesses and careers . You will be invited to stay in touch and get involved with efforts to advance the ALL Careers Initiative. ALL are invited – students, parents, teachers, business leaders, career counselors, policy makers, and – well, everyone who wants to help empower youth to help create a green economy!

Colorado’s Governor, Jared Polis, encourages people across our state to participate in this watch party, saying: “Young people need to be inspired and empowered to be a part of creating a green economy no matter what work they see themselves doing, and that’s what this video is about. Please join us – let’s all be a part of making Colorado, our nation and the world, healthy and vibrant, well into the future!” See these two short promo videos featuring Governor Polis and students – Publicity video 1 for Watch Party and Publicity video 2 for watch party.