Fall Energy Competition – Renew Our Schools

Ana Marie Sandoval e Gauge
Ana Marie Sandoval eGauge

Oct. 9 2019

This fall, DPS schools are participating in Renew Our Schools, a national energy conservation competition, for a chance to win $2500. The competition starts October 21st and runs until December 13th. It is a program of Resource Central, a Boulder, CO non-profit that specializes in resource conservation. 

Students are encouraged to engage classmates, teachers, and staff to look for ways to save electricity in their school buildings through behavior change. Teams can earn points through measured electricity savings and Energy Actions such as an energy audit or an Energy Savings Hour.  


Participating schools in DPS include:

  • Academia Ana Marie Sandoval Elementary
  • Denver Center for 21st Century Learning
  • Denver School of the Arts
  • Greenwood Academy
  • Hamilton Middle School
  • Merrill Middle School
  • PREP Academy


Each school has an eGauge electricity monitor to see electricity use in real-time. Students also receive an energy savings toolkit, access to curriculum, and professional mentors for guidance. 


eGauges for each school are accessible below:


Last Spring, South HS and East HS tied for first place in the inaugural national competition of Renew Our Schools. For more information, visit Resource Central.