Welcome to the
 Department of Sustainability


A major focus of the Sustainability Team is on reducing energy consumption and increasing awareness about energy conservation.

The Sustainability Team has been an integral part of the new construction, renovations, and upgrades taking place district-wide because of the 2008 Bond Program.

New Construction

Based on demand, 2 new schools are being constructed: The Evie Dennis Campus and the Stapleton 3 School. The Evie Dennis Campus, at Tower Road and Green Valley Ranch Boulevard, is under construction and is slated to achieve one-third of the energy consumption of conventional buildings. The campus will use electricity generated from a 3 mega-watt solar array and its heating and cooling will be supplemented by a large geo-exchange system, which transfers heat back and forth between the earth and the buildings. Additionally, the buildings will accommodate state of the art lighting, HVAC systems and automated utility controls. The Stapleton 3 School, at 35th and Syracuse, is working with Xcel Energy consultants doing energy modeling and life cycle analysis to ensure that the new building outperforms current energy code by 20% and will be one of the first LEED certified buildings in the district.

Upgrades and Renovations

Because of the incredible opportunity that the bond program provides, various school buildings across the district are scheduled for upgrades. Over a dozen schools per bond year (through the summer of 2013) are slated to receive new double-pane windows with built in blind systems, which will reduce heat loss and drafting immensely. A handful of schools are scheduled to receive updated temperature control systems, which will regulate temperatures throughout the schools buildings and save energy when buildings are unoccupied. Various schools will be updating irrigation systems in order to maximize water conservation savings through leak repair and installation of irrigation timers. Also, several schools across the district are scheduled to receive more efficient upgrades to their HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems that will save a considerable amount of energy and money.

Audits, Performance Contracting and Recommissioning

Substantial support from the Governor’s Energy Office and Xcel Energy has facilitated the completion of energy and lighting audits in many schools in the district. These audits have been used to determine what sort of efficiency upgrades will produce the highest cost and energy savings for each school.

The DPS Sustainability Team is also spearheading a “recommissioning” process at Bill Roberts K-8 to essentially test and fine tune all of the schools operations/systems so that inefficiency problems can be fixed and the building can function the most cost effectively.

Finally, DPS is working with the Governors Energy Office on initiating a performance contracting process in two DPS schools. Under this process, energy service companies will do comprehensive energy audits on buildings to determine the costs savings over time for energy upgrades.


Denver Public Schools has save thousands of taxpayer dollars by working in collaboration with Xcel Energy to apply for rebates for various district infrastructure efficiency upgrades.

Energy STAR Benchmarking

Denver Public Schools, in partnership with EPA Region 8, is pursuing the Energy STAR label for as many of our schools as possible. DPS Sustainability Staff will be uploading the district’s energy and water use information on to Energy STAR Portfolio Manager, where it can be benchmarked against similar buildings across the country.