Hey Gardeners, its time to start tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and other tender crops under lights inside to be planted outside after May 1oth.  Cool season crops such as spinach and peas can be planted directly in the garden after April 15th. Reach out below to get your classroom seed starting materials.

If you are a community partner interested in supporting gardening at a DPS school that is not affiliated with Denver Urban Gardens please contact Chris Woodburn  (720)456-9083

Early morning in the garden at Kennedy HS.

The garden at John F. Kennedy High School in the morning sun

Gardens provide students with experiences unlike any in a classroom.  They are living labs, sources of food and nutrition, islands of nature.

Teaching in the Garden

Gardens intersect with every subject:  literacy, science, biology, earth science, geometry, communication, art, engineering, biology, nutrition, food justice, climate change, physical education, design, architecture, yoga, math, social justice, physics, civics, performance, graphic arts and beyond.  We are here to support your passion and sustainability initiatives, reach out at

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Chris Woodburn, Garden of Youth Director

Chris Woodburn
Program Specialist – Garden of Youth


Honey Bees at School

Summer 2019 Honey bees are crucial for many important agriculture crops but are threatened by a variety of environmental threats, including climate change and pesticides. Are you interested in having bee hives at your school? Raising bees helps create important connections between students, the environment and the foods we love. If you would like to

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Chickens at Schools

Summer 2019 Are you interested in having chickens at your school? Chickens provide a great learning opportunity for students to connect to nature and where their food comes from. If you would like to learn more about bringing chickens to your school, please refer to the current DPS Chicken Protocol.

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Garden Manual

Spring 2018 Grow a Garden Success Teachers, students and families and gardening champions, thanks for bringing gardening, greater food security, engagement with nature and endless learning opportunities to our students and community.  See the attached Denver Public Schools Garden Coalition Manual for the steps to connecting with the Sustainability department and our community partners to design, build,

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Maxwell Elementary receives Westerra grant

Jan. 15th, 2021 Jessie Whaley Maxwell Elementary School received a Westerra Credit Union grant to renovate the school garden and add perennial fruit and vegetable plants.  The garden at Maxwell was developed through a partnership with Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) and the school.   A quarter of the garden is reserved for teachers, students and classes

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Gigia Kolouch – Nutrition & Garden Champion

Dec 16th, 2020 – Gigia Kolouch – Sustainability Champion The Sustainability Champion series highlights the people forging garden and sustainability pathways in Denver Public Schools.  Gigia is among the pioneer garden champions that planted, nurtured and tended the first gardens and student gardeners and chefs in DPS.  Born in Marin County, California and raised in

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Greenwood Academy builds solar ovens Fall 2019 Putting the “E” in STEAM Education!  Each One Teach One students worked beside Engineer Joe Callahan, founder of Energilab, to build solar ovens to use the sun’s energy for cooking. The sun is a clean, renewable energy source that preserves the planet for future generations. We can teach you how to steam vegetables, bake Read More »
Garden of Youth

To learn more about our garden program, click here! Case Managers, apply with your student before Mach 1st. The Garden of Youth program provides paid summer internships to 16-21 year old students with IEP’s to develop job skills.  Each summer, young adults meet in small groups at eight school garden sites across the district to learn

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Bees, Chickens, Goats and Soilless Grow Systems

Chickens, Bees, Goats & Soilless Grow Systems