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Spot a leak, runoff, or pooling? Report it to the school’s Facility Manager by contacting the school. Please be specific with the location (e.g. sprinklers, dripping faucets, etc.). We appreciate your help!

The Sustainability Team is responsible for managing the water utilities at most DPS buildings. We work to manage costs, promote water efficiency, and support the use of non-potable water where possible. We work with DPS Plumbing, Grounds, and Planning Design and Construction to implement these goals.

South Platte River credit: Kent Kanouse
South Platte River credit: Kent Kanouse


Our team is responsible for the water utilities budget, bill management, and non-potable water installations.

Denver Water

Denver Water provides our drinking water and non-potable irrigation water. They help us with water efficiency and inform us of any opportunities to use non-potable water. Denver Water also supports students by teaching them about water issues in their classroom. See Efficiency, Non-Potable Water, and Local Water Issues.

City and County of Denver

Our sanitary sewer service and stormwater drainage service is provided by the Wastewater Management Division of the City and County of Denver.

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Reclaimed Water: Regulation 84 Training (hyperlink to CDPHE training)

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