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DPS Partners with Red Apple Recycling to Provide Clothing and Textile Recycling at Schools!



Red Apple Recycling (http://redapplerecycling.com ) is a nonprofit Denver-based clothing and textile recycling business that donates a portion of its income to sustainability projects at individual DPS schools!

Here’s how it works: Red Apple Recycling provides each school with a FREE “little red schoolhouse” to place in an accessible location at your school. These little red schoolhouses act as collection bins for school and neighborhood used clothing and textiles. This clothing is then collected FREE of CHARGE by Red Apple Recycling and REUSED in various ways!! Because of Red Apple Recycling’s commitment to empowering sustainable practices in Denver schools, they GIVE money BACK to each school that hosts a little red schoolhouse to implement a sustainability project of your choice!

ALL interested DPS schools are encouraged to apply to be a part of this program. Red Apple’s application process is super easy and you can apply ANY time of year. ( I have attached an application that you can use). Once you are accepted into the program, your schoolhouse will be delivered and Red Apple Recycling will come and empty your schoolhouse on a regular basis.

Several schools in the district (Sandoval, Lincoln ES and Whittier) are already recycling using the little red schoolhouses.

Please take a moment to look at this application/information below and email the Sustainability Team if you are interested in having clothing/textile recycling at your school:

Red Apple Recycling Information Sheet

Red Apple Recycling Application