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 Department of Sustainability

Green Jobs Workforce Training Program

The Sustainability Office has partnered with Student Services to bring programs which provide life and work skills training to students with disabilities.

The DPS Energy Team          DPS Energy Team Logo:

The Energy Team consists of a group of high school students that perform energy audits of district office buildings and schools, in the hopes of making our district more efficient and therefore cost saving.  The students receive pay and school credit for their work on the team, as well as valuable work experience that incorporates job readiness and life skill development to prepare students to obtain and maintain future employment.

After compliling data from their audit, the teams provide reports to schools on their energy usage, along with a proposed campaign they believe will be helpful in changing wasteful habits.  These campaigns focus on things such as closing windows, turning off lights and possibly lowering the temperature of water heaters a few degrees.

Read more about the Energy Team here.

Garden of Youth                 Garden of Youth Logo:   

The Garden of Youth program enables high school students with disabilities to experience themselves as active, vital participants in their community by bringing health, fresh food to local residents and businesses while simultaneously learning about sound nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Students enrolled in the project will be engaged in planting, cultivating and harvesting fresh vegetables and herbs, cooking classes and selling produce at local farmers markets.  In order to develop the skills necessary to successfully market and sell harvested food, training and coaching in the areas of job readiness, marketing and customer service is provided by DPS staff as part of daily operations of the program.  All participants earn high school credit and those who continue work during the summer earn both credit and an hourly wage.

Currently there are Gardens of Youth at North High School, Thomas Jefferson High School and coming soon to Manual High School!