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 Department of Sustainability

Solid Waste


DPS and Denver Recycles

The DPS Sustainability Team has been working collaboratively with Denver Solid Waste/Denver Recycles, teachers and students to develop strategies to reduce the amount of solid waste that goes into landfills.

Denver Recycles provides school-wide recycling service to almost every school and administrative building in the district. Every classroom and cafeteria has a recycling bin and students are encouraged to recycle plastic, paper, glass and aluminum products in school and at home.

Click here for more information on recycling in DPS schools!


Composting at DPS

Several schools across the district are coordinating composting in their cafeterias and classrooms. These individual composting programs provide schools with the opportunity to further reduce their impacts on landfills and the environment by saving food scraps and paper goods, which are taken away by local compost haulers/manufacturers. Send us an email if you are interested in learning more about composting in schools!


Reducing Cafeteria Waste

Individual schools are also taking on reducing cafeteria waste by replacing Styrofoam and plastic goods with paperboard and compostable products, as well as reusable trays and utensils. Approximately 8 schools across the district have been working with Green Up Our Schools to conduct waste audits and systematically reduce solid waste amounts across the school.