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Denver Public Schools Solar Power Partnership


DPS is partnering with a handful of Colorado companies and organizations to bring solar electricity to various schools across the district.

Oakleaf Energy, MP2 Capital and Namaste Solar Partnership

In 2010, Denver Public Schools, in partnership with MP2 Capital, Namasté Solar, and Oak Leaf Energy Partners, will bring solar electricity to 16 Denver Public Schools. The overall project will consist of fifteen schools each receiving a single 100kW solar photovoltaic system and one additional school receiving a 300kW solar photovoltaic system. Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) agreement with MP2 Capital, Denver Public Schools will not be required to pay up-front costs for the systems, and will realize an overall cost savings on electricity bills. Find an overview of this project by clicking here.

As part of this project, live information about each school’s system and an overview of the environmental benefits to each school are available online. Click here to see which schools’ arrays are streaming live information and/or have information sheets.

Main Street Power, MS Solar Solutions, Milender White Solar and Encore Electric Solar Partnership

This partnership will bring solar electricity to another 12 schools across the district. To more fully integrate these solar photovoltaic systems into the lives of students and teachers, Main Street Power is providing solar lesson plans, solar car kits and workshops to all grades Kindergarten through 12 at participating schools.

The installation of these 12 solar PV arrays will produce approximately 1.7 kilowatt hours of electricity from solar energy every year. 

Click here to see which DPS schools are receiving arrays and for live streaming information about array output.

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