Welcome to the
 Department of Sustainability


The DPS Sustainability Team is committed to partnering with community groups, corporate partners and government agencies to facilitate the expansion of sustainability practices and opportunities across the district and, most importantly, into classrooms.

A primary commitment of the DPS Sustainability Team is to provide opportunities for DPS students of all ages to engage in and champion sustainability initiatives in their schools and communities. Additionally, we strive to include DPS students and teachers in the structural and policy changes that are taking place in schools as a result of the district’s commitment to making sustainability a priority as we upgrade buildings, policies and practices.

Denver Public Schools is proud to announce the establishment of the Denver Green School, the district’s first school modeled around sustainability concepts, in the fall of 2010. This school will be located at 6700 East Virginia Avenue. The Denver Green School’s mission is: “in partnership with our diverse urban community, the Denver Green School will provide a hands-on, brains-on experience that includes all students, staff, families and community, preparing all learners to lead the way toward a sustainable, bright green future.” The DPS Sustainability Team will work with the Denver Green School staff and students to implement model sustainability projects and curriculum.

Through a partnership with Denver Recycles, students, teachers and DPS staff have been learning firsthand about the benefits of recycling and solid waste reduction in their schools and homes.

Through our partnership with Namaste Solar, Oakleaf Energy Partners, and MP2 Capital, DPS students in 16 schools are participating in an interactive solar energy education program where they will have the opportunity to learn about the technical aspects of solar energy production and monitor their own school energy use over time.

Denver Public Schools continues to partner with environmental education groups like Front Range Earth Force, Denver Urban Gardens, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to provide students with hands-on, diverse opportunities for learning and environmental stewardship. DPS will be working with sustainability educators and experts in 2010 to develop a suite of sustainability-based curricula that will be available on our website.

Finally, the DPS Sustainability Team is committed to the education of DPS staff around sustainability in the workplace. DPS has implemented a district-wide computer hibernation program that will automatically shut down all computers across the district that are not in use. The hibernation program is projected to save the district approximately $210,000 each year. The Team has also been working with Facility and Maintenance staff to determine and implement strategies for operational savings through best sustainable practices.